Our Policies & Processes

We adhere to strict quality control norms without compromising on promised delivery schedules by using total quality management systems and processes.

Our policy is to employ qualified personnel to man key positions in the company. The company also sponsors staff  for workshop training to update their skill base.

The company’s Project Managers and Site Supervisors ensure that all quality control procedures are followed. They make sure that all construction work  are carried out according to laid down rules and client specifications.

Every construction site is protected. Every material is purchased directly from the manufacturers and reputable dealers.

Our Services

TKM - Rapid Deployment Solutions

We create cell sites that offer telecom providers a competitive edge in economy and roll out execution.

WE GET MORE DONE IN HALF THE TIME AT LOWER ACQUISITION COSTS TO THE CLIENT – Our  TKM-rapid build sites are constructed in half the time as standard cell sites. We also create site designs occupying less than half the space of standard BTS site. These solutions allow for fewer manholes, less ducting, fewer cable trays and feeder cables

RECOVERABLE SITES – These rapid build sites can be recovered, relocated and reused in other places after a period of service

CO-LOCATION POSSIBILITIES – New pre-engineered site can also be placed next to the original Site.

EXPECTED POWER SAVINGS & Added Security: Enclosed nature of Site reduces Pilferage, while enhanced cooling lowers power consumption

Telecoms Facility Management and Maintenance

Datacenter Management

Detail Survey & Design including production of working map

Cable Laying

Cable Blowing

Cable Stringing

Copper jointing & testing

Cabinet & MDF Termination

Shelter Installation

Optical Fibre Installation

Optical Fibre termination, testing & commissioning

As built documentation

Site Maintenance Services

Our site maintenance services span Preventive, Corrective and Breakdown maintenance of the Electrical equipment in the Cell Sites.

We maintain

BTS (Base Transceiver Stations)

Diesel Generator Engines

Diesel Generator Alternators

PMU (Power Management Units)

Fire Alarm Systems

Electrical Installations


ATS Panels

Air Conditioner Unit(s)



Lightning Arresters

Solar Power – alternative power/ Hybrid

Aviation Lamp(s)

AC & DC Power Supplies

Mobile DG Services

Fire Extinguishers

Networking Solutions

Our Industrial Networking Solutions include the distribution of products and the marketing of industrial Ethernet. We bring a control system engineering perspective to networking technology.

In addition to stocking and selling a wide range of Industrial Ethernet and M2M products, we also have an experienced engineering team which assists our customers with troubleshooting existing networks, as well as designing and implementing new industrial IT infrastructure.

Generator Maintenance Services

Below is a summary  of maintenance checks carried out by our engineers to extend the life span of power generating equipment including  the installation and maintenance  of solar  power units.

Construction Services

Powerlec Nigeria Limited’s construction and civil engineering services for telecommunication infrastructure is robust, spanning:

Site survey and layout planning

Soil testing

Excavation & backfilling

General Pipe Laying

Construction re-instatement

Asphalt re-instatement

Road Crossing

Road Dressing

Interlocking Stone Replacement

Trust Boring

Tower Template design/set up

External Line Plant Provisioning (ELP) and Structured Cabling

Local Area Network


External Line Plant(Optical Fibre & Copper)

ELP Management

Supply of ELP Equipment Accessories and Consumables

Preventive Maintenance Services

We offer operation and maintenance services to keep telecommunications systems running at optimal performance.

Our specialists check electrical and environmental operating conditions; we also perform the regular maintenance that is mandatory to meet expected life expectancy figures for telecoms assets

Supply and Installation of Telecoms Products, Test Equipment and Tools

Integrated Telecom Power Units

Fibre Optics cables, closures patch panels

Distribution Frames, IDC blocks

Fibre Optics tools and Test equipment

LAN test equipment and Tools

Consultancy & Project Management Services

Network Design and Planning

Project Monitoring,  Quality Control and Assessment

System Integration

Windows Server Suite Integration

Linux Integration