About Powerlec

Powerlec Engineering Services was incorporated on the 25th February, 1997 to provide full telecommunication engineering services.

Our primary functions are in Telecommunications Engineering Services which includes:

  • Turnkey Site Build
  • Demographic Survey for FTTH
  • Tower Installation and Maintenance
  • Optic Fibre Cable Installation and Maintenance
  • Network Planning
  • Microwave Radio Installation (MW)
  • Radio Frequency Installation (RF)
  • Site Upgrade
  • System Integration

Our Orientation

Powelec Nigeria LTD pushes the limit to provide superior engineering services and ensure timely delivery of projects.

We conduct our business professionally with a strong commitment to qualify perforance in meetng the needs of our clients and delivering value added telecommunication services.

We’re great people to work with and see ourselves as partnership pollinators.

Our approachability, agility, responsiveness and affability means we are able to provide a bespoke service, tailored to individual client’s needs in order to lead a long-lasting, value adding relationship with key clients.

We work hard, meet deadlines and are passionate about doing a good job – giving high value for money. We enjoy delivering reputable advice, innovative solutions and exciting projects that we are proud to show to visitors, investors, friends and families.

Our clients value our open and transparent communications approach. You’ll deal first hand with a member of our management team and we’ll keep you updated at every stage.

Request a quote today for one or more of our seven propositions below, we look forward to impressing you.


We have capable and experienced staff with strong customer service orientation


Steady power system for zero-downtime operations. Guaranteed Asset Security. Clean environments, material and product availability, effective cost management.


We maintain a robust database of standard processes and procedures to guide the delivery of our services.

Client Support

We maintain a full compliment of on-site personnel to cater for the various services needs of the client with strong backing and support from the head office.


Our Seven Propositions

One of the biggest operating challenges faced by banks, malls, hotels, private hospitals and other customer-intensive retail businesses in Nigeria today is power generation. Constant electricity supply is required for virtually every aspect of modern business operations, however the PHCN is unreliable – its epileptic supply invariably damage computers.

It becomes imperative for proactive organizations to invest in diesel generators and alternative power systems such as solar panels, power inverters etc.

This is where POWERLEC Nigeria Limited comes in

We maintain generator sets and air conditioners.

POWERLEC Nigeria Limited’s core business is telecommunications engineering services which  include: Tower/Mast Installation, Optic Fibre Cable Installation, Network Planning, Microwave Radio Transmission (MW), Radio Frequency (RF) Installation, Base Transceiver Station (BTS) Reticulation, and System integration.

We have a strong bias for VSAT link installation and maintenance. Our engineers are proficient at Wide Area Network design and implementation using VSAT Ku & C-band dishes and Local Area Network design and implementation using copper and fiber optic cables.

We supply, install and maintain Local Area Networks and provide technical support on LAN devices, architectural planning, configuration, trouble shooting and administration .

We provide experienced plumbers and avail comprehensive cleaning and janitorial services that are broadly segmented into Commercial and Chemical cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning Services

  • Office Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Builder’s Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Waste Disposal
  • Communal Area Cleaning
  • Facility Maintenance Cleaning
  • Janitorial Services and Supplies
  • Furniture Cleaning
  • Hardwood Floor Services
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Water Damage Repair (Plumbing works)

Chemical Cleaning and Fumigation

We carry out monthly and quarterly chemical cleaning and fumigation that are based on effective safety standards for humans and inanimate assets.

POWERLEC Nigeria Limited  sources, installs and maintains modern  Fire Detection, Prevention and Suppression  Systems that include the following: Suppression Control Panels, Standard Fire Detectors, Industrial Fire Detectors, HELIOS Aspirating Smoke Detectors,  and Water-Based Suppression Systems (Auto Sprinklers).

Others are Foam-Based Suppression Systems, Gas-Based Suppression Systems, Dry Chemical-Based Suppression Systems, Compact Suppression Systems, Spark Extinguishing Systems, Fire Prevention Systems, Smoke and Heat Venting Systems, Fire Extinguishers, Emergency Exit and Safety Graphics.

POWERLEC guarantees profit-yielding parking facility management with its high-quality and long-lasting barriers and Point of Sale Terminals.

Our processes are attuned to your needs and geared towards the highest profitability and productivity. It is our pleasure to develop a unique concept for your individual parking facility management which will increase profits, reduce costs and improve your overview.

Our services include

  1. Cash collection including a full and transparent audit trail of all monies taken
  2. Site cleaning and maintenance
  3. Ticket machine maintenance
  4. Automated Gates, Road Blockers and Bollards We supply and install Interceptors which are highly effective rising barriers used to prevent unauthorized entry.The system lowers into the ground to allow authorized vehicles. Available in retractable and removable, Bollards can be used to protect site perimeters against unwanted vehicle access while still allowing pedestrian movement.

The purchasing area is difficult to manage in most organizations and often warrants the usage of multiple service and contract types. While traditional services would mean that a large part of savings potential is unused, you can transform the way in which you approach product sourcing to realize financial returns. When you consider options to rationalize internal overheads, you will find that the use of dedicated procurement service providers is your best bet.

POWERLEC Nigeria Limited boasts of state-of-the-art online purchasing solutions, we provide expert knowledge for sourcing requirements and achieve operational excellence in all undertaken projects. Using our service translates to a smart business decision to drive profitable growth for your company in a challenging business environment.

Our Expert Team

Our organization is composed of engineers, facility managers and project managers with extensive practical experience


Managing Director

He is a graduate of Physics/Electronics from University of Lagos. He also possesses a Post Graduate Diploma in Physics/Electronics and Electronics and Computer Engineering from Federal University of Technology, Akure and Lagos State University respectively.

Project Manager (Civil Works)

He is a graduate of Civil Engineering from University of Benin and over 18 years working experience after one year mandatory National Youth Services Corps (NYSC) in Civil Engineering works; Road Works, Building Construction and Telecommunication Installations.

Project Manager (Transmission Systems)

He is a graduate of Applied Physics/Electronics from the University of Lagos and over 20 years of working experience after one year of mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). He has worked with several telecommunications companies in various categories as Field Engineer, Supervisor and Project Management.

Project Engineer

He is an Industrial Maintenance Engineering (HND) graduate of Yaba College of Technology in 2010. He work in several places as a Power Maintenance Engineer before joining Powerlec Nigeria Limited in 2015.

Project Manager (Optic Fiber Cable)

He is a reputable Telecoms Specialist with vast experience in many projects. Promoting good human Relation and Team Spirit aimed at getting it right to ensure key deliverables for company profitability and growth is enhanced.